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Please allow me to introduce myself

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Subject:    David McInnis

Full legal name:    David Anthony McInnis

City, Country:        Mountain Home, Idaho, United States.

Profession:        US Air Force F-16 Avionics Technician.

Goals in the Fedora Project:

    What I want to write about:    I would like to write about more
complex problems, such as getting drivers working.

    What do you want to see published:    I would like to see specific
guides for getting certain major brands of hardware i.e. How to get
Networking cards up and running.

    Anything else I would like to do:    I would like to get started
helping out the Linux community.  I'm a Fedora enthusiast and I look
forward to making a difference.

Historical Qualifications:

    My Air Force career as a maintainer provides me with constant
exposure to highly technical writing.  When I repair an aircraft
problem I must write out the sometimes highly technical explanation of
what I did in layman's terms.  Professionally I am committed to a very
high standard, and I very much enjoy my work.

    My computer skills are basically those of a very competent base
user.  What I mean by that is that I can successfully troubleshoot and
repair 80-90% of my Fedora problems with minimal help from the Fedora
FAQ Page.  I am (almost) totally inept as a programmer.  I can give
simple BASH commands when needed.

    My extra skills consist of my logical step-by-step process of
overcoming problems and my attention to details.  I enjoy working with
Linux and I am quite motivated to help you folks out!


David McInnis
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