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Self Introduction: Frank

My real name is Francis Earl, for obvious reason however, I prefer
Frank. I currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. (PST) 

I'm currently not working, however I am 3 classes from an AAS in Network

My primary purpose for joining the arts team is to hopefully make entry
easier for people interested in Fedora. I wish to do this by providing
information on fedoraproject.org that will hopefully assist them in
getting started. I believe that other projects are so popular because
the requirements for entry are lower, and hopefully I'll help ensure
Fedora starts down a similar path.

I was an early contributor to Ubuntu documentation, and have made
contributions to
many OpenSUSE wiki pages. These are mostly related to what normal users
will want to do when they get started, very basic things explained
because I was sick of answering them in the IRC channels, and also to
remind me of the process  :)

I don't think anything really makes me an excellent match for the
project. I think I simply have the time to write the pages many would
find tedious, things directed at new users. Everyone was one once
though, and I don't know about you, but it was very confusing for me.
There are no User Manuals for Fedora users, I believe the wiki should
become exactly that. A User Manual for Users by Users, and I don't think
such things can be written by anyone but the users  :)

I feel like I just went through an interview process, is that really the
feel people want for contribution to the project?


[fearl thabox ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 7BDB4407
pub   1024D/7BDB4407 2007-04-29
      Key fingerprint = 7125 6099 AAEF C64F 3F3E  DC5F 9172 8F72 7BDB
uid                  Frank Earl (Trey) <lunitik gmail com>
sub   2048g/590237A4 2007-04-29

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