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Re: Self Introduction: Frank

> > There is plenty of information we can share, and the wiki can also be a
> > good place to inform users why some things aren't available. Also, with
> > the CodecsBuddy, we apparently can now talk about accessing some of the
> > things that were previously an issue. 
> The legal situation has not changed. Software that is compliant with the 
> legal situation has been developed and we can point to it with some 
> caveats.

What do these caveats involve? As far as I was aware, Fluendo is now
providing these codecs legally, and thus it was perfectly legal for
users to access those codecs.

I also understand that Fedora is very strong on it's notion of what
should be in the distro, and I very much agree. It is also a very good
opportunity to educate users however about free alternatives while
informing them about legal access to things they may want.

I'll be sure to ask before making such suggestions, it will require some
self education first however, as I'm not fully aware of the Fluendo

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