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FDSCo Meeting 2007-08-21 Summary

Remove this line, then fill in date above along with other details below

Karsten Wade (quaid)*
Bart Couvreur (couf)*
Jesse Keating (f13)
Dimitris Glezos (glezos)*
Ville-Pekka Vaivo (vpv)
Robert 'Bob' Jensen (EvilBob)*

(* FDSCo member)


* Asking Fedora Testing to own content for F8TestX/ReleaseNotes page
(quaid to ask wwoods)

* fedora-release-notes package needs updating; Paul to coordinate with
  - Include pointer to

* Reminder to Beat writers; start keeping notes on the Wiki, tracking
  - quaid to send email to f-docs-l and f-maintainers about:
    1. relnotes scheme reminder for test2
    2. beats for test3 and beyond

* Karsten to bring a discussion to the list about focus for F8
(relnotes, IG)

* Summer coding projects are all updated and underway; no testing
requests of Fedora Docs at this time

* FDSCo realizes every six month elections are crazy, so have postponed
FDSCo elections until next year (for the full year cycle); FDSCo
positions that are voted upon by the board may still be cycled more

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