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Self-Introduction: Sven-Thorsten Fahrbach

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I'll try to go through the information requested on
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/SelfIntroduction and then go
on to write some more about myself (hoping to get it right the first
time and to not make too much of a fool of myself ;)).

Full legal name: Sven-Thorsten Fahrbach
City: Stuttgart
Country: Germany
Student status: Beginning 10 September, student at a school for
information management
My goals in the Fedora Project:
    Tough one... trying to help where help is needed. I think I've got
sufficient experience to do some translations from English to German
and vice versa and to do localisations of American to British English
texts. Thus, translations is what I'm mostly interested in and
probably what I'm best at. If the opportunity arises I'd also like to
try myself at writing (bits of) drafts for
projects/applications/how-tos/... I'm also interested in contributing
to the wiki.
Historical qualifications:
    I've attended a school for commercial correspondence, where I was
trained in doing translations from my mother-tongue to English and
vice versa. I'm occasionally doing translations for the IBKA (a German
organisation which I'm a member of). If you want to have a look at a
translation I did, you can do so here:
    I've got several years experience with UNIX-like operating
systems. I started out with SuSE Linux in 2003, have switched to
Debian in 2004, then to Ubuntu in early 2006. At the end of the year I
discovered FreeBSD and became quite infatuated with it. I'm still
eagerly awaiting the 7.0 release which is scheduled for later this
year. Also, admittedly not too long ago, I discovered Fedora (Core 6
at that time) which struck me as much more professional than most of
the other distributions out there and I genuinely like it. So, my two
main interests regarding operating systems are Fedora and FreeBSD. I
use Fedora more frequently, though, partly because, coming from a
Linux background, I'm still more comfortable with it and partly
because of Fedora itself. :)
    I've got some programming experience. I'm quite good at Perl, I
daresay, and I also program in C and C++ now and again. At the moment
I'm trying to teach myself some Java.

Here is my GPG fingerprint:
pub   1024D/C6EC36E7 2007-08-21 [expires: 2008-08-20]
      Key fingerprint = 23C8 878C 1650 7D82 C7F0  AEAA 9F6D BEB9 C6EC 36E7
uid                  Sven-Thorsten Fahrbach (Sven-Thorsten Fahrbach
aka araneus aka edderkopp) <araneus81 googlemail com>
sub   2048g/071F9964 2007-08-21 [expires: 2008-08-20]

Well, I think (hope) that about sums it up. I'll be happy to respond
to any questions you might have and I look forward to contributing to
the Fedora Project. :)


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