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Re: Fedora Guide to Useful Linux Documentation

Sven-Thorsten Fahrbach wrote:
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Hi all

Being a new Documentation Project member and eager to get started I
browsed through the Wiki and discovered the DocIdeas page
The proposal for the "Guide to Useful Linux Documentation" (suggested
by Karsten Wade) seems to have no editor assigned to it yet and it's
something I feel able to get started with. I'm a bit insecure yet,
though. How sophisticated does a first draft of such a guide have to
be? Is a single, well-formatted page with links to TLDP (and possibly
other useful resources), sorted into different categories, enough for
a start?
And, finally, how can I get the page assigned to me? Is it okay to
just start writing?

Thanks for your help. :)

Yes. It is perfectly fine to just start writing and not worry about the details just yet.


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