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Comments on DUG update

FDP Team Members (especially those at Boston FUDCon):

Some quick feedback on the Desktop User Guide:

1. I really like the added anchors in the DUG and the linking from
   the Sections list to the anchors.

2. Would it be a further improvement to combine the TOC with
   this section guide and refer to it all as the Table of Contents?

3. On this page regarding "Communications",
   I originally explained (in an admonition) that all IM accounts, with the
   exception of Jabber, had to be created beforehand according to each
   protocol provider. See http://gaim.sourceforge.net/faq.php#q15.
   If this has changed, let me know otherwise, but this is according to
   Gaim's official FAQ.

4. Finally, is this just moving to a new location for the wiki, or is it being
   prepared for conversion to DocBook XML?

5. Remember that the /Docs/Drafts/ location is referenced by the existing
   default home page.

I'm looking forward to joining you on IRC later today.

Enjoy FUDCon,

John Babich

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