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Re: Fedora 7 Test 1 and release notes

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Friday 09 February 2007 05:33, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
It wouldnt have taken more than a few minutes for the developers
involved to quickly note what major changes were pushed into the test 1
releases, what we tested, known bugs  etc on a single page. No
translation required.

Would you like to be on the hook for this?

No. I have done the work before because the people who would doing the package changes didnt bother conveying the release notes worthy information. It is very inefficient for me to go through individual package changelogs for thousands of packages to hope and find useful information. In many cases upstream does the changes so they are not even noted in the changelog. The only way this would scale is for individual developers to get involved better.

When you are composing the spin and doing the release announcement, it is easy enough to just point out the major changes.

Say GNOME KDE and Kernel x.y. Important feature z etc.

 Test1 is almost always a mixed bag
of random crud that has creeped into rawhide. It's just a snapshot of what has been doing on, and in no way is it supposed to be a demo of any of the planned features. Almost any feature that shows up in Test1 is going to be half baked and perhaps not in a desired state to document or even draw attention to.

If we want folks to actually test them we need to point to draw them in by pointing out the changes that we do. If there is nothing worth pointing out, test 1 isnt useful.

We have what we tested and known bugs on one page, the TreeTesting wiki page.

We should included that within the announcement too.


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