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Self Introduction

Hi all:

My name is Aaron Bowman.

I am located in Connecticut, USA, and work as the technology manager for a small group of medical practices. 

I have been using Linux at home for a number of years, and have decided that it was time that I find a way to give back to the community.  I originally started with downloaded floppies of Debian and Slackware, eventually settling on Red Hat 5.0.  Around RH7 I began trying out other distributions again, but returned to Red Hat each time.  In short, I have used every major release of Red Hat and Fedora since RH 5.0, and just recently moved up to FC6 (yeah, finally got wireless to work).

I am not a power user, nor am I a programmer.  I have done very small projects in VB and C++ on Win32;  I have worked in PHP, HTML, and SQL in Linux.  I have played with Java, Mono (C#), _javascript_, SGML, XML, COBOL, Perl, and LaTeX.  Alas, I have only played, but would like to do more.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to go to FUDCon in Boston; I attended Paul's session on Doc Tools.  If I understood the discussion correctly, the goal is for all documentation to be stored in XML, with a static web interface, an editable wiki interface, and of course CVS access.  Currently the wiki is not stored in XML and it will need to be converted.  I would like to help with the conversion of the documentation in the wiki to XML. 

I guess the best place to start for now is the following:


I would appreciate guidance and instruction on how to be most useful to the project.

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