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Re: Move over fdsco meetings to #fedora-meeting?

On Thu, 2007-02-22 at 02:50 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> Cons?

Below is my reply from IRC.  I also agree with Bob that the subject of
when and where to have meetings is something the new FDSCo should

To follow on what I wrote below, I personally have no problem with more
than one meeting at the same time, as long as it is on IRC.  I am much
more concerned with losing the visibility and ease of participation by
the Documentation Project, than I am about making it easier for people
outside of the project to see/participate in the meetings.  If we did
this, I would find myself wanting all of the people on #fedora-docs to
also be on #fedora-meeting.  Having people able to read the IRC log is
all fine, but that is a log not a conversation.  If we move our meetings
to where the conversations are not happening, we lose that involvement.
One of the ways we have gained leaders in this project has been through
people who hang out on IRC together and then participate in our
meetings.  I fear this would be diminished with us moving meetings to a
different channel, and I don't see it giving that much advantage to
people inside of the project.

04:55 < quaid> hmmm
04:55 < quaid> I'm not sure it's a good idea
04:55 < quaid> there is a loss of momentum in the source channel
04:56 < quaid> people who have come to expect to be in #foo, etc.
04:56 < quaid> and the only gain i see is that there is one schedule
people can come to know when there are meetings
04:56 < quaid> and that can be done anyway, without forcing a single
channel on all meetings
04:56 < quaid> also, what happens when two meetings need to use the
channel at the same time?
04:56 < quaid> then you have to route people to another channel (a third
channel, now?)
04:57  * quaid also can't see 1/4 of that table due to the Wiki nav
04:57 < quaid> so i guess one wouldn't want a meeting during the time
when the one meeting page can't display it, eh?
04:57 < quaid> I'm all for consolidation where it makes sense
04:57 < mether> quaid: point is that we dont want seveal meetings on the
same time
04:57 < quaid> but I think there has been a recent wave of consolidation
for no reason
04:58 < mether> or perhaps you have different values
04:58 < quaid> e.g. the two docs tracks/discussions at FUDCon actually
didn't belong together, and because we combined them, we lost the second
04:58 < quaid> etc.

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