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Re: Self Introduction Ben Williams


Welcome to the Fedora Docs Project!

John Babich
Volunteer, FDP

On 2/25/07, jbwillia fedoraunity org <jbwillia fedoraunity org> wrote:
   *   Ben Williams
   * Blacksburg  VA  USA
   * Windows-Linux Specialist
   * Department of Mathematics  Virginia  Polytechnic Institute &
     State  University
   * My goal for the Fedora is for it to be the best linux distro

   * Historical qualifications
         o I consider myself a novice at computer, enjoy learning more
           and more everyday. started using linux with RH4 (not rhel4).

         o I am a Windows System-Admin by training, but i also maintain
           and 50 linux boxes on a daily basis.
         o I deal with 250 endusers on a daily basis

pub   1024D/295A4FBC 2007-02-15
     Key fingerprint = 7DC7 B470 4AEC 0187 A7EF  80D0 1957 4336 295A 4FBC
uid                  James B. Williams <jbwillia math vt edu>
sub   1056g/6E2873A7 2007-02-15

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