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promoting Docs/Beats as relnotes for test3

Since test3 is also going to be a one-sheet for release notes, how does
this idea sound?

* At the top of the one-sheet (F7Test2/ReleaseNotes) we put a link to
Docs/Beats and explain the content is alpha ('alphabet soup'), sort of
the rawhide of release notes content source.

* Include this link in the announcement sent about the one-sheet

* Promote on support channels (#fedora, fedoraforum.org, fedorafaq.org,

Brings more attention to the raw notes, which brings more contributors.

Gets more important information out to more people sooner (release
early, release often.)

Many eyes make fewer technical and grammatical errors.

Makes our jobs easier while doing a better service.


Unpolished portions of the Wiki pages may reflect negatively on Fedora
Documentation or the Fedora Project in general.

Technical errors may cause user computers to eat themselves, or worse,
get expelled.[1]

Very empty notes such as we often have in the middle of testing can be
quite embarrassing. :)


- Karsten

[1] Movie-reference-trivia-link-of-the-week:  http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0241527/quotes
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