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Re: samba+ldap tutorial on fedora7

here's what (me and mr. patruta) we've found  out testing the dns part of the doc. i really hope at least something is useful in our comments :) thanks again.

2007/7/6, Karsten Wade < kwade redhat com>:
On Thu, 2007-07-05 at 20:06 +0300, cornel panceac wrote:
> _very_ interesting for the ones (like me) wich have to live with
> windows machines, also may be interesting to see docs on connecting
> fedora workstations to windows active directory. also the dns part is
> _very_ interesting too.

Glad you are interested; please keep your eyes open here for later
versions so you can test the doc (peer edit).

> thank you very much. is there a link to the guide? i have not seen it
> on bugzilla.

This is what was linked originally; note the other caveats Deependra

> 2007/7/5, Deependra Singh Shekhawat <jeevanullas gmail com >:

>         If someone like to see the edited version I have it at the
>         moment in
>         openoffice.org format at
>         http://freeshells.ch/~source/smbldap-f7-howto.odt

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