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Publication of all man and info pages through a web interface for each release (current status)


The following link will give the current status of my SoC project :

The total project plan :

Currently the code is without any try-except block. The Extractor.py
currently converts man pages to HTML pages using the man2html command.
But I am not being able to figure out any such ready-made tool for
info pages, can anyone give me any suggestion about this?

In the current project plan, I am keeping all man and info pages as
static HTML pages. A simple web interface will show the pages
according to different fedora releases. The interface will also have a
simple option see diff of the same man pages of different releases
(here i am confused to decide whether to show the diff between roff
files or the generated HTML files). My choice : roff files.

Looking forward to comments from everyone.


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