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Re: Self Introduction - Where Do I Start?

On Fri, 2007-07-13 at 20:01 +0600, Mustafa Qasim wrote:
> So, it means that by making a backup copy of my .gnupg directory (by
> the way where is it located) I can work from more then one computers?
> and also didn't need to re-create the key after  a new installation.

Yes.  The .gnupg directory is in our home directory (called ~/).  So, if
your username on your local machine is 'mustafa':


Which is the same as ~/.gnupg ...

The .directories are hidden by default.  On the command line, 'ls -a'
shows them.  Nautilus has a setting to show or hide them.

> second that in my Wiki i didn;t have permission to create my
> introduction page? is this all procedure also required for editing
> wiki? and what for the users who want to work on translating wiki
> pages from Windows? 

We still have a procedure to manually add people to EditGroup.  What is
your account system name and your Wiki username?  One of us can add you
to the EditGroup page.

The procedure for translating Wiki pages is here:


- Karsten
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