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Re: help define our workflow, other notes

On Fri, 2007-07-13 at 16:05 -0600, Jonathan Steffan wrote:

> I've attached the new draft diagram of what our workflow might come
> close to looking like. Expect more revisions but this should help clue
> people into the whole "workflow" system more. The latest worflow draft
> is "workflow2.png" ... I've attached old work so everyone can see.

Let's move to ratification of these workflows.

Any remaining questions?

One of Jon's questions from the diagram is, "Where do we stage
already-published documents for editing?"  That is, where does it go in
the workflow.

I reckon we go to stable -- limited number of editors allowed and tight
integration with l10n at that point.  This way bug fixes can be done,
translated, and updated.

Otherwise, we typically save major rewrites for the next version.  This
follows the Fedora model - maintenance and some advancement on the old
version, but most focus is on the next version.

- Karsten
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