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FDSCo Meeting 2007-07-17 IRC log

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09:06 < quaid> <meeting>
09:06 < quaid> then we can discuss that :)
09:06 < quaid>  http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/SteeringCommittee/Meetings#Agenda
09:07 < jmbuser> JohnBabich
09:07 < quaid> KarstenWade
09:07 < quaid> anyone else around? couf? glezos? Bob?
09:07 < quaid> many, quiet around here ...
09:09 < jmbuser> KC0WYC: ping
09:09 < quaid> jmbuser: so, what did you think?  are you familiar with content workflows like that?
09:10 < jmbuser> quaid: Yes, I am
09:11 < jmbuser> quaid: I like most of it - I prefer to reserve staging for things waiting to be put into production
09:11 < jmbuser> quaid: I prefer calling it something else
09:12 < jmbuser> quaid: Similar to developing code in large shops
09:13 < jmbuser> quaid: test / staging / production for coding
09:13 < jmbuser> quaid: draft / CVS storage / published for docs... something like that
09:14 < jmbuser> quaid: Is that just semantics?
09:14 -!- EvilBob [n=bob fedora/pdpc.sustaining.BobJensen] has joined #Fedora-Docs
09:15 < quaid> jmbuser: kind of 
09:15 < jmbuser> quaid: Then, treat it accordingly :-)
09:15 < quaid> jmbuser: it might be Plone usage, in which case it is easier to accept than to reeducate at every turn
09:16 < quaid> at least, I got from daMaestro that it was plone language, but I could be wrong
09:16 < jmbuser> quaid: I can live with that
09:16  * quaid is glad that someone else who understands content workflows is doing a sanity check
09:17 < quaid> our point is to make it possible for 10x the people to be publishers, so it should all be easier in the end
09:17 < jmbuser> quaid: +1
09:17 < quaid> I think stickster_work made his points on list
09:19 -!- rlingk [n=devnull pat1 orbitz net] has joined #fedora-docs
09:20  * quaid finishes looking at the diagrams again
09:20 < quaid> I think we can push for a ratification on list
09:21 < jmbuser> quaid: What gives me hope is that someone who is a translator is working on it, so he gets it and takes it into account
09:23 < jmbuser> quaid: Not to diminish the contribution of us monolinguists
09:23 < quaid> hey, if this was any other part of Fedora, they'd probably forget l10n
09:23 < quaid> ok, email sent on that subject requesting final questions and/or ratification
09:24 < jmbuser> quaid: +1
09:24 < quaid> ok, on to the next item ..
09:24 < quaid> http://vpv.kapsi.fi/blog/2007/07/16/weekly-report-week-28/
09:25 < quaid> just to get vpv's report into the record :)
09:26 < vpv> I'm here. As you can see, there are some problems, but they should be manageable
09:26 < quaid> vpv: no worries, you seem to have it handled;
09:26 < quaid> vpv: are you getting the kind of responses you need on f-devel-l?
09:27 < quaid> I'm wondering if some tips about e.g. XMLRPC might be useful
09:28 < vpv> right now I really don't need thay much more than coding ;)
09:28 < quaid> yeah, that is a good call
09:28 < quaid> worry about performance later :)
09:28 < jmbuser> vpv: Do you have a way to parse "info" now?
09:29 < vpv> probably the only way to solve the XMLRPC slowness would be profiling, since the calls are correct and they work...
09:29 < vpv> jmbuser: the only way I've come up with is to download upstream sources from CVS
09:29 < vpv> or optionally from SRPM repos
09:30 < vpv> since I haven't found or there might not even be an info -> DocBook XML converter
09:30  * quaid doubts there is
09:30 < quaid> would probably make TeX fans roll over in their chairs
09:31 -!- rlingk [n=devnull pat1 orbitz net] has left #fedora-docs ["Leaving"]
09:32 < quaid> ok, then ...
09:33 < quaid> vpv: anything you can think that will make it _easier_ on you, let me know, I might be able to help :)
09:33 < quaid> moving on ...
09:33 < vpv> ok :)
09:33 < quaid> election planning ...
09:34 < quaid> just making sure we don't get behind there, I think we're ok
09:34 < quaid> that and guide talk ...
09:35 < quaid> jmbuser: with your limited availability, how can we have your time be able to help the other writers contribute/finish the DUG?
09:35  * quaid ponders this for himself _all_the_time_
09:36 < jmbuser> quaid: Were my tasks useful or should I break them down further?
09:36 < quaid> jmbuser: good question, let me look at them that way ...
09:38 < quaid> jmbuser: ok, seems reasonable for now
09:38 < quaid> jmbuser: maybe some more chatter on the list?
09:38 < quaid> people often have a "sudden few hours", are reading their lists, and if there is a fresh request, they are more likely to dive into it
09:38 < quaid> so, if the "tasks are updated, have at it" sits for a few weeks ...
09:39 < quaid> maybe people wonder if it is still happening? etc.
09:39 < jmbuser> quaid: I can post to the list and update my blog more often
09:39 < quaid> jmbuser: like I said, trying to think of, "If John only has 10 minutes for Fedora Docs today/this week/etc., what is a way he can have a bigger impact than e.g. editing a paragraph."
09:40 < jmbuser> quaid: Things are finally getting under control at work
09:40 < quaid> that's good
09:41  * quaid is going more out of control :)
09:41 < jmbuser> quaid: I would have to say that defining tasks and promoting greater participation...
09:41 < quaid> jmbuser: just a 'leadership thinking' idea I'm passing along, that's all; I often find myself doing something small and silly just to be doing something, and I try to remember to think of an overarching way I can make a difference.
09:42 < jmbuser> quaid: would be a good use of my time right now
09:42 < quaid> for example, if I didn't read that post but instead wrote up our minutes ...
09:42 < quaid> jmbuser: sounds great; let's find a way to make that chatter on the list, too
09:42 < quaid> ok, that's all of that for me
09:42 < quaid> anything else from anyone else?
09:43 < quaid> ok, closing the meeting in 30 seconds ...
09:44 -!- nman64 [n=n-man fedora/nman64] has joined #fedora-docs
09:44 < jmbuser> +1
09:49 < quaid> </meeting>

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