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Re: help with tools, CVS

Uttered Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com>, spake thus:

> Right now we want to re-enable the language auto-selection for the
> release notes, since a bug was fixed in Firefox 2.  This means changes
> to the Makefile, looking up how the auto-selection is accomplished,
> maybe digging up the details of the implementation we did before.

Being one of the original perpetrators, I am available for questions
about this.

IIRC there was a small (really small) javascript front end that
detected the browser language and then auto-loaded the correct
relnotes translation.  At one time, I had the list of languages
automatically generated by the relnotes Makefile.

I'll check my private CVS reserves, since that hard drive failed long

However, I lost touch with FDP about then so another technique may
have been chosen.



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