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Re: one at a time

On 21/06/07, Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com> wrote:
In recent meetings, FDSCo decided it would be a good idea for all of us
to focus on completing one guide at a time.  Right now we are running in
parallel and making slower progress.

What do you think of this idea?

Looks good to me :D

How does this order sound?

 1. SMG (split) => UG, AG

Pirut and Pup tutorials have already been moved to the UG, does
anything else need moving to the UG? I'll move across what I guess is
appropriate to the AG now, unless others have objections?

 2. UG

Could do with the task list updating for this so we have know what
we're doing when we get started? Lol, well I guess somebody knows what
still needs doing, but I'm a little lost.

 3. SpinG

I've done some updates to this today: talked to kanarip and he gave me
a load of use cases he would like to see documented, which I threw
onto a wiki page. I've written one and will progress on the others as
we go.

 4. AG
 5. DevelG
 6. RPM Guide

I think the first task is going to be fairly easily accomplished, and it
supports the second.  We've all agreed that the spin work is important,
but it is targeted at a much smaller audience than the User Guide.

Yeah, definately :D

My thinking for putting the spin work in front of the Admin Guide is
that i) the spin work is easier (shorter, more material existing), and
ii) the AG is going to be a bit harder to do. :)

Haha yes I like this thinking. Hope my comments were helpful/relevant.


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