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Re: Changes in Docs CVS

On Wed, 2007-03-28 at 20:28 -0400, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> During the last year the Docs Project has made significant strides in
> working with the XML in our CVS repository.  Our toolchain has improved
> along with our understanding of how to make better use of our XML
> content assets.  We are making a change that will turn quite a number of
> translations "fuzzy" but the changes themselves will be quite minimal.
> Some time ago, because of some toolchain deficiencies, we elected to use
> the "xml2po -e" option to parse entities when creating POT and PO files.
> So if our XML looked like this:
>   <para>This paragraph is about &FED;.</para>
> The POT would use contain this msgid:
>   This paragraph is about Fedora.
> We are moving now to a better XML handling infrastructure where the
> POT's msgid will instead look like this:
>   This paragraph is about &FED;.

I will be making this change in Makefile.common at some point in the
next 24 hours.  (Simply put, we're changing the standard xml2po option
from "-e" to "-k".)  I will be updating POT and PO files for some but
not all documents -- probably the following modules only:


It is up to any other documents' maintainers to do a "make pot po" and
then commit the new POT/PO in their module(s) to update the message

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