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Re: Bye bye inconsistencies

Karsten Wade wrote:
On Mon, 2007-05-21 at 06:48 +0200, Bart Couvreur wrote:

Chester Cheng schreef:
Wouldn't it be "en-US" / "en-AU", based on RFC3066?


Aha, I knew I missed something when looking up the standards yesterday.
OTOH, this would mean inconsistencies in our main CVS, as we use en_US
everywhere. The same counts for the trans CVS, which we should update
accordingly, if we want to be okay with the rfc.

When you say trans CVS, do you mean cvsl10n/cvs.fedoraproject.org or

Oh, I see, yes, the same error is used throughout i18n.redhat.com.  I
believe Fedora Docs inherited our usage habits from there.

So, considering the scope, this sounds like something we'll save for
post-F7 release.  It includes updating our toolchain, all content in
CVS, and how we publish.

- Karsten, eye on Plone :)
Hi Karsten and all,

Please contact engineers before this change because this may affect software.


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