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Re: where to meet

Op donderdag 31-05-2007 om 03:13 uur [tijdzone -0700], schreef Karsten
> Do you all care if FDSCo meets in #fedora-meeting instead of
> #fedora-docs?

Heh, I was wandering when this would pop up again :-)
> Now, historically it has been *very valuable* to have discussions where
> we socialize/work/etc. on IRC.  More people who are lurking are caught
> up in the conversation, etc.

> However, I see the same thing happening on #fedora-meeting, except it is
> capturing lurkers from across the whole project.  I notice that people
> who are interested in the meeting(s) either lurk on #fedora-meeting or
> join the channel when a meeting is announced in the source channel.

Indeed number 2
> So, I am considering changing my mind on the subject, and I'm curious
> what you all think.

I'm tempted to agree on moving, as long as we try to keep our momentum
alive on the #fedora-docs channel as well. It sometimes happens that
people start some discussions on #fedora-meeting which doesn't really
get "back-ported" to the real project channel / mailing-list.
If we keep an eye on that, we could probably move the  meeting.

OTOH: our meetings take place on Sundays, which is the day that most of
the people in meeting don't really watch it (IMO). But then again, it's
the challenge of getting attention!

> thx - Karsten


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