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AntonioSilva (matlou)

Hi there, my name is António Duarte Filipe da Silva, I'm 33 years old
and I live in Coruche, a small village in Portugal.

Until 5 years ago I used to work in a IT firm in Lisbon but now I'm a
free-lancer / entrepreneur with some spare time on my hands which I'd
like to use to help Fedora in any way I can. 

I owe a lot to Fedora given the fact that I use it since Fedora Core 1
when I joined together a router out of a Pentium 100, a speedtouch adsl
modem and an internal pci hub :) It worked quite well.

I haven't contributed to any open source project yet mainly due to lack
of time. I usually look at myself as a "rusty developer" and I think I
can help with translations to Portuguese (pt_PT) as well as any
documentation for now while I start looking for some other tasks as I
move along and get more used to the whole process of contributing.

Here's my GPG Key ID and fingerprint: 

[Matlou quarto Fedora]$ gpg --fingerprint 826D4405
pub   1024D/826D4405 2005-10-05
      Key fingerprint = 2160 8211 4C50 BDDA ECEF  527E 840E 4FD7 826D
uid                  António Duarte Filipe da Silva <adfsilva gmail com>
sub   4096g/4F1C3FA0 2005-10-05

Hope I can bring something good to the project.
Thanks to glezos for sponsoring me :)
---------- // ----------
 António Silva (Matlou)

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