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Self-Introduction: Zembutsu Masahito

Full legal Name: Zembutsu Masahito
City, Country; Tokyo, Japan
Profession: Linux server administrator
Company: link,Inc.

My goals in the Fedora Project:
    I want to increase Japanese translation documents. My purpose is to
popularize Linux among the Japanese children. I will write the document
which aimed at the introduction.

Historical qualifications:
    I did Japanese translation for the document (For example, CentOS
FAQ). I have never join community. But, I introduced a translation
document to the public at my own site.
    My skill is a server administration and a technical support.
    and programming skill in Perl.
    I have the experience of the technical support. Therefore, I
contribute by making suitable Japanese document which is easy to

pub   1024D/983A72CB 2007-10-14
      Key fingerprint = 2C3D 97A9 B8B8 E584 33D7  E179 C8B9 189D 983A 72CB
uid                  ZEMBUTSU Masahito <zem pocketstudio jp>
sub   1024g/B55B5CD0 2007-10-14

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