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Re: Help Wanted

On 10/19/07, Marc Wiriadisastra <marc mwiriadi id au> wrote:
> Hey All,
> Was there anything that needed working on?
> I mentioned transferring information from my website to the wiki but I
> haven't heard any feedback regarding that and I don't really want to
> start by screwing up the wiki.

For the record, as you know, Marc, this is documented in the minutes
from the last FDSCo meeting at
and in slightly more readable format at

Since we didn't have a quorum, we need to get a decision on the mailing list.

So, to conclude, Bart and I (jmbuser) are behind the idea.

quaid, stickster, EvilBob, mcgiwer, glezos:

How about you guys?

Are you in favor of using Marc's donated material as the basis for a
how-to or not?

Please give us your opinion, for or against.

John Babich
Member, Fedora Docs Project Steering Committee

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