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Fedora Forum Post

Hey All,

I put a post up on fedoraforum.org[1] a week ago to try and get some
feedback as to what people want in the way of guides.  While mentioned
in the FDSCo meeting the issue is generally not guides but people to
maintain those guides I get the feeling that people do not know where to
look to find the information.

Is there a way to package the docs so they show up in fedora itself
under a package name of fedora-docs-fedoraadminguide or something along
those lines.

Are we able to create a submenu in gnome/kde where docs can show up
there in some sort of way?  While the help menu in gnome is helpful a
lot of people have never looked there.

The thread location is listed below.  If you read it the majority of
complaints are about clarity and reasons to do things (mv -i foo).




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