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Re: Administration-Guide

Op dinsdag 23-10-2007 om 15:19 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef Mike
> Ok,
> I'll blame my lack of progress on being the new kid on the block. I am
> trying to checkout the existing Administration-guide project from cvs,
> and finding that there is only an empty shell of a project there as
> well as the administration-guide-devel project. Am I checking out the
> wrong project, or are we just starting this project? I have a chapter
> for Sendmail setup and configuration I would like to incorporate the
> chapters into the guide as well as other docs that I plan on updating
> for the following areas:
> users and groups
> network
> dns
> dhcpd
> iptables
> nis
> ldap
> dovecot
> squirrelmail
> mailman
> apache
> vncserver
> squid
> vsftpd
> cups
> snmpd
> mrtg
> webalizer
> syslog
> systat
> amanda
Hi Mike,

very nice list :-)

I should have sent this to the list too, but I missed that somehow:


I'd like to get the ball rolling, so we could have a sort of an
intermediate release the end of next month.

We've already got some stuff on the wiki[1] that we could

The current topics list is quite broad, we might want to cut down, the
further we go. So how do I see the overall picture here:
      * Part on basic system administration
              * users / groups admin
              * yum / yumex (basic stuff and link to the Yum Guide)
              * partitions, mounting, permissions
              * task scheduling
              * (add your ideas here)
      * Services / servers
              * basic services management (system-config-services,
                chkconfig, service, init.d-scripts)
              * Basic home-network stuff: NFS, SSH,
              * describing some broadly used servers (mail, web, DNS,
                samba, ...)
              * (add your ideas here)
      * anything else

Just keep in mind that we don't need to cover *all* of this, the things
we can tackle, we'll get done and the rest will be for later (or others
to join in).

So what do you think?

Thanks in advance,

Our lists seem very similar :-)


Bart <couf fedoraproject org> <couf skynet be>
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