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Self-Introduction: Debjit Saha

Full legal name : Debjit Saha

City, Country : Mumbai (India). Currently I am stay in Ranchi in India due to my college-education purposes. But I am basically from Mumbai (india).

Currently I am pursuing a Bachelor`s Degree in Engineering majoring in Electronics and Telecommunications from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra,
Ranchi-India. I am into my third semester now.

I plan to write documentation for any general software available on Fedora.

I have successfully completed a course in technical writing at my college. Thus I can very well handle the documentation part of any software.
I have been regularly writing for our college magazine in the Linux section and also I work with my Local LUGs both in Ranchi and Mumbai.
I am also responsible for the formation of a LUG in my college. I have also designed and documented websites for various organisations in the past.

I am well familiar with programming on the GNU C++ compiler and also have command over scripting languages-BASH. And concerning Soft-skills,
I have been actively the part of both the managerial and hospitality committee of various events both local and in the College.


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Debjit Saha

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