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Re: Administration-guide/servers/sfind with the doc posted at:endmail posted

Giorgi Shonia wrote:
good job Mike :up:

in follow up to our emails today, I thought maybe ssl part can be separated too. and as you mentioned clamav, may be "Permissions and Access Control" better be upgraded to "Security", also covering firewall and seLinux. This is especially desirable if we could depart from self-signed certificates (which is the howtos all over the web) distinguish between authority and owner, and unifying all different services (sendmail, apache, dovecot) under one certificate.

and speaking of ssl, I wonder how hard should it be to establish something like ".Fedora" or ca.gnu.org, FOSS kinda certificate authority, to have our brand in online security. member sponsorship and verification based certificate community, which would take us past self-signed "certificate" without giving big bucks to Verisign&Co



I think that would be good, having "Security" covering those areas. By firewall do you mean iptables or programs like firestarter? Sorry, I have never looked at the GUI firewall that comes with fedora...


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