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FDSCo Meeting 2008-04-23 Summary

Jared Smith (jsmith)
Karsten Wade (quaid)
Eric Christensen (Sparks)


* Installation Guide at risk
  - need additional help to get updates ready for l10n
  - IG writing team MIA, not sure if they have updates useful to merge?

* User Guide (UG)
  - finishing for F9, keep momentum going
  - F8 finish, has to be put behind IG work now

* Software Management Guide (SMG) 
  - couf passed on the XML work, now we need to get that bad boy
  - XML needs updating with PackageKit content
    - Action: sparks to do this

* Security Guide (SecG)
  - sparks has been working on it, post F9 draft target
  - more comprehensive coverage overall
  - F9 focusing on LUKS encryption outside of Anaconda
    - Action: sparks to get Ch. 1 - 3 out for review

* Administration Guide (AG)
  - post f9 release draft target
* Release Notes
  - Updating from the wiki
  - Then update PO/POT

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