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Introduction - John McDonough

My name is John McDonough and I am a retired computer professional living in Midland, Michigan. I write ocasionally, have an online tutorial on PIC microcontrollers, the occasional amateur radio magazine article, and even a Six Sigma article. I have used Fedora since FC1, although I don't always keep up with every release.

I feel a certain obligation to contribute, but although I program from time to time I can't really see myself being able to commit the time nor intensity needed to develop. However, I believe I have a better than average command of the English language, and when first Paul Frields and then Karsten Wade mentioned the need for beat writers, it seemed to me that this might be a way I could give something back.

Looking at the list of open slots, it seems as if I could add something in the gcc arena or possibly Development Tools. I use gcc regularly, mostly C or C++, but I'm not above writing the occasional line of Fortran or Ada. At this point, though, it isn't entirely clear how a writer learns what is going on for subjects that don't have a PoC. Wade through subversion comments maybe?

Hmmm ... the SelfIntroduction page says you might want to know more about me. Well, although I programmed for many moons, my real interest has been the software process. After retiring I did a little consulting on Six Sigma as applied to software development at some very large firms on three continents. Prior to retiring my role was to provide the technical guidance on large (>1MM USD) software projects. I was (thankfully) insulated from many of the administrative burdens, although I did play a major role in our software process.

On the personal side, I am an amateur radio operator, in fact, Radio Officer for the state of Michigan, which means I spend a lot of time with the state police. I like grody technical stuff, build radios, play with microcontrollers, all that geeky stuff. Still, if one looks at my history, both at work and at play, the people skills are not entirely absent.

With David Nalley's help I got signed up to FAS, did the CLA thing, now it looks like I have a heck of a lot to read!


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