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things to get ready for virt hackfest

Just a quick brain dump of what you want to be able to do for virtual
hackfest.  We are going to do these over the holiday weeks *and*
during FUDCon.


* Fedora Talk account working with SIP phone (twinkle, ekiga, manual

* Gobby installed and read how to get on gobby.fedoraproject.org

* IRC ready to use

* Tools installed - an editor (Emacs, vi, Gedit, Eclipse, etc.),
  publican, 'Authoring and Publishing' yum group, 'fedora-doc-utils'
  (possibly), git/svn/cvs

* ???

Stop by #fedora-docs and/or ask here, we'll get each of those things
sorted out.  Perhaps someone can whip up a section on the wiki page?

- Karsten
Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener

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