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Re: Wiki Gardening

> We came up with a scheme and can implement it somewhere as a reference.
> We first thought the SELinux pages would do good.  Our own DocsProject
> could, as well:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/WikiGardening#New_Organizational_Scheme
> Ask away about what doesn't make sense there.  Folks involved in making
> that scheme include myself, Paul, Jared Smith, Clint Savage (herlo), and
> Tomen T'se.  (Sorry for any misspellings.)

Call me stupid, but most of that doesn't make much sense to me!! I was
about to talk out loud and try and make sense of it in this e-mail but
realised I was getting no where. Any chance for a bit of an
explanation? Perhaps with a concrete example to follow along, such as
how it would function in the case of Docs and the DUG? Or have i
missed the boat entirely!?

Best wishes,


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