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Re: Meeting with RH Docs team - 0200UTC Feb 14

Paul W. Frields wrote:
Can Fedora Documentation folks be available next Wednesday evening after
hours (EST) for an ad hoc meeting about the new RH Docs team's
"publican" documentation tools?

You'll especially want to attend if:
* You're on the steering committee
* You do (or intend to) work on the Release Notes or other formal

I would like to give a time to the RH Docs team by NLT Tuesday -- just
reply here with times you CANNOT do.  Please remember that RH Docs team
is in Brisbane, Australia, which is UTC +10 (or 15 hours ahead of EST).
When it's 6:00pm Eastern, it's 9:00am the next day in Brisbane.
Therefore, we really need to do this after hours, at least on the East

Meeting time and date confirmation.

Feb 14, 2008 0200 UTC

Freenode.net #fedora-docs

Robert 'Bob' Jensen

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