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Re: Publican and Other Langs

Hi there,

I joined the Documentation Program some time ago, hoping to help write helpful files in Spanish for Fedora Users, and while I haven't been able to contribute anything at all yet, I would like to start doing so.

I've been testing Publican, the new Documentation Package, and while it can create the books in English, its making the translation thats giving me issues.
Now, I'm new to DocBook, and Publican, so I might be doing something wrong.
What I did is create a Test Book called Test_Book, using create_book --name Test_Book.
Afterwards, I uncommented OTHER LANGS from the Makefile, removed all of them except es-ES, then proceeded to make update-po-all.

All XMLs are turned into a .po, though they create a warning "field 'Project-Id-Version' still has initial value, then an error.
Created ../es-ES/Test_Book.po.
    After:    msgfmt: (null): warning: PO file header missing or invalid
                warning: charset conversion will not work
msgfmt: found 1 fatal error

And Test_Book.po is completely blank.

What am I doing wrong, or is this a bug I should report? And if so, where?

Thanks for your time
Ing. Juan M. Rodriguez Moreno
Desarrollador de Sistemas Abiertos
Sitio: www.isocron.net

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