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Re: jEdit

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Tommy Reynolds wrote:
Uttered Karl Larsen <k5di zianet com>, spake thus:

Not on my computer F8 from a DVD load.


Did you install the Sun Java or are you trying to use the GNU java
and classpath?  I don't think jEdit works with that.

Try installing the latest SUN jvm.  I've used jEdit like that for

IcedTea is a derivative of OpenJDK which is Sun Java under a GPL+classpath license. If you are using x86 or x86_64, you get IcedTea as default in Fedora 8 and not GCJ.


I am using java version 6 from the Sun Inc web page. Installing jedit was super fast compared to the so-called Fedora approved stuff. It takes some installing to get the version 6 functional but BOY! When you have it the java products really fly!



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