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text editor documentation for docbook


I have, very slowly, been working internally on a few small documents
for Kate and jEdit, concentrating on the features to make it easy to
use/work with XML (plug-ins, extra packages etc). Paul suggested I
could host this somewhere and let everyone else add to it. Does anyone
know if it is possible to set up, say, svn in fedorapeople? For
example, set up a directory in my home directory on fedorapeople and
run svn from there?

Or is there a place on the wiki I could post this? I have finished
Kate, just not jEdit...nothing is private, so I don't see the problem
in copying it all straight into somewhere public. I am not an expert
with Kate or jEdit so it would be great to see what other people know.

Thanks for your help.



pub   1024D/81B3FDEB 2007-09-19 [expires: 2008-09-18]
Key fingerprint = 4ED9 9907 5BF0 4132 2B46  20D1 C0C6 362D 81B3 FDEB
Murray McAllister (Fedora Docs Project / mdious) <murray mcallister gmail com>
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