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Re: SELinux in guides [was: Self-Introduction: Eric Christensen]

On Sun, 2008-01-06 at 01:29 +0900, Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-01-05 at 16:12 +0100, Bart Couvreur wrote:
> > Upgrade the FAQ to a more formal Guide? This includes a lot of intro,
> > and why is SELinux what it is, but that would mostly be a rephrasing /
> > styling of the content out there on the different wiki's, blogs, ...
> Upgrade the FAQ to a formal guide seems like the best way to go.
> I checked all the links and rearranged the words.  I couldn't add much
> of Walsh's stuff into it because it didn't seem to fit.  There was a lot
> of use case scenario's in Walsh's posts and while thats great for a
> guide in a simple FAQ it would not explain it sufficiently it seemed so
> I didn't add it into there.
> The details in the FAQ still seem to work. I don't modify selinux to
> much since I don't understand the scripting of it, I left those bits
> alone since I couldn't verify or change anything in the guides.

Yes, perhaps with a dedicated maintainer -- woohoo, Marc! :-) -- this is
the way to go.  It would probably mean reformatting into subject matter
areas as opposed to the Q&A format.  That's mostly a matter of copy +
paste + DocBook tagging.

I bet that if you go over some of Dan's material with a system
(preferably a VM!) in hand, you'll understand a lot more of it very
quickly.  I actually wrote a smidge of policy the other day and put it
in place to test something at work, and his instructions were on the

> P.S. If we are writing it as a guide can we talk to Walsh to get some
> ideas on use cases?

Yes, he doesn't subscribe to f-docs-l, but you certainly should email
him and get him involved.  You might want to lay out some specific
questions for him, as I would imagine he's very busy working on policy,
but from all accounts and prior experience, he's an extremely affable
and helpful guy.  He may even point you to other outside docs that could
be helpful for you to understand SELinux better, and then write some
cases yourself.

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