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Re: The Brennan Home Server HOWTO

> I'll certainly look at that,
> but my experience of the system-config scripts
> (particularly system-config-printer and system-config-network)
> is not good.
> They seem to me to be simply add a layer of obfuscation
> which makes it harder to diagnose any problems that arise.
> And I certainly don't think it is any part of a HOWTO
> to try to improve the system.
> But I will look at it in due course,
> if I am updating the HOWTO.

Sorry for my late reply on this, I am changing ISP plans at the moment and
am currently disconnected at home between plans.

I am happy if Tim would like to work on updating the HOWTO and if there's
anyone else who would like to offer him a hand.

I propose it would be easier to update the document in HTML format first,
then move it into the wiki once the chapters are reviewed. I have the
domain www.linuxgeeks.org available on a server to upload any HTML pages
for review, if this would make it easier for basic HTML reviewing. You can
use it as a "scratch pad" if need be.


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