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Re: DUG Updates

Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:
Dan O'Brien wrote:


It seems that you've gotten quite a bit done on the DUG. One thing I can't help but notice is a lot seems to be Gnome specific (the Customizing page for example). I'm a gnome user myself and try to steer away from KDE myself but I'd be happy to fill in the necessary bits tonight/tomorrow, but what about xfce? It's probably too late now, but maybe in the next version of the DUG we should have a section that covers all the generic things (things that are the same across each of the desktop environments) and branch off into 3 sections for everything else, ie (and this is just an example):

generic content here
 * customizing
 * working with media
 * etc
 * customizing
 * working with media
 * etc

and so on down the line. This may make for an easier read as a user could jump to the section covering their desktop of choice.

I'll get started on filling the missing bits, are their any requests? I haven't seen any responses to the requests post Marc made a couple weeks ago.

I don't have a working xfce install anymore since my other computer that uses it died. I don't know what is in KDE either since I haven't used kde in ages. I'll install xfce and go from there if you want to do the kde work?



I've Updated the Customizing page with KDE specific things. Also I adjusted the Managing Software with Pirut pages as well, to show how to start Pirut in gnome and kde.


More updates soon
Dan O'Brien

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