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Re: DUG Updates

> <snip>
> > >   
> > Games - I don't have any installed at the moment, so I'm not sure if 
> > there are any Gnome / KDE differences, but the page does say "Default 
> > Gnome Games"
> I just added some stuff to this after install the kdegames package. I
> don't think there is an xfce specific games package so I have included
> an install explanation.
> > Multimedia - All the menu drill downs seem to be gnome specific (eg. CD 
> > Player "/Applications > Sound & Video > CD Player"/
> I don't have KDE installed so can someone who does use it tell me where
> the locations are?  I believe XFCE has a similar menu layout as to KDE.
> > Financial - Kmymoney still needs to be filled in ( I've never used the 
> > financial software before, but I'd intended on installing it and filling 
> > that bit in later)
> Are you still able to do this or do you want me to do it?
> > Network - has a few Gnome specific menu drill downs on it as well.
> I think NetworkManager is the default on both?  Knetworkmanager runs the
> same doesn't it?

On a side note is there anyone from the KDE Sig or someone that uses KDE

If not can we contact them so that we can get some feedback as to areas
that need altering and verification about certain aspects.

Also can we have a chat to someone who runs xfce exclusively about areas
that need altering?



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