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KDE critique (DUG)

Hey All,

I had a quick chat to Rex about the DUG and he's going to post to the
KDE SIG to see if someone is willing to work with us to make sure the
KDE parts are all correct.

Since with F-9 XFCE will actually be a spin we will need to consider the
default XFCE settings etc.  Can someone email whoever takes care of the
package or if there is a SIG the SIG so we can liase with them.

I'm hoping to make the DUG more inclusive so users won't have to try and
figure out whats going on.

[offtopic] The selinux guide I will work on but my main priority right
now is the DUG unless someone wants to finish it off reasonably quick so
I can start work on the selinux guide.  :) [/offtopic]



P.S. Dan I also said they could contact you if needed.  If I receive
anything I'll forward it to the mailing list.  I did advise them to try
and mail to the mailing list and use us as a backup option. (probably
the wrong thing to do)

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