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Re: Delineation: document vs application

On Sun, 2008-01-13 at 21:17 +0000, George (Skip) VerDuin wrote:
> I have run into an issue needing an assignment to the most appropriate
> group for resolution -- it may be an application or documentation issue.
> As a matter of background, I've been following this reflector for many
> months but have not submitted a formal self intro...  I'm sorry that I
> don't already know the answer to my question.
> Specific to the task of hooking up klamav to evolution while in the KDE
> desktop environment [to filter out virus laden incoming mail] I ran into
> an ambiguity that hinders my administrative work.  The reference
> document I used is provided as a text window by klamav that is specific
> to this task.  My resultant setup in evolution leaves me wondering if I
> have correctly set up the interface and quite frankly I suspect I have
> done it wrong...  I am reserving the detail of the issue, it is in the
> form of two screen shots plus my narrative.
> Rather than resolving the problem here on the reflector, I am asking
> whether this qualifies as a bug for the application or if this fits
> within the documentation domain.  After watching this reflector, I am
> not clear which team on-line pop-up window material falls into.
> I would be pleased to collaborate with the author of the window text to
> remove the ambiguity no matter which group takes the lead.
> Warmest regards from here, thanks up front for your consideration.
> George

I would think that would be a package issue.  If the bug is located with
the documentation provided by the package then surely it would be a
package issue.

My $0.02


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