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remaining observations on "Managing Software with yum"

section 7:  once again, there is no "Extras" repo since F7, right?

section 7.1:  i think it would be worth mentioning how you can just
"yum install" 3rd-party repo files as well, rather than manual
copying then.  (and wouldn't that also automatically add the public
key to your key ring as well?)

section 7.3:  another reference to "Extras", but it might be useful to
have a real-life example of repo compatibility issues -- for instance,
livna versus freshrpms or something like that.  and it would be
*really* useful to explain the "--enablerepo" option, i would think.
perhaps in section 7.4.

section 9.2:  "Fedora Core includes the installonlyn plugin. This
plugin modifies yum to remove excess kernel packages, so that no more
than a set number of kernels exist on the system. By default,
installonlyn retains the two most current kernels, and automatically
removes older kernel packages."

  - but that's not a plugin anymore, is it?  there's certainly nothing
by that name in /usr/lib/yum-plugins.  isn't that feature now handled
by "installonly_limit" in /etc/yum.conf, or something like that?

section 9 or 10:  i think it would be useful to introduce the
yum-downloadonly plugin.  i think that would fit nicely right around

  and i think i'm done here.


Robert P. J. Day
Linux Consulting, Training and Annoying Kernel Pedantry
Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

Home page:                                         http://crashcourse.ca
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