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As is customary, I'm introducing myself to the fedora documentation project.

I've been a member of the Fedora Project for about 6-8 months IIRC and
have been participating mostly in an Ambassadors role.  However, as I
get a little more involved, I'd like to participate in further
projects and the docs is one where I feel I could help immensely.
This weekend, I attended my first FUDCon and met several people, of
which a few (Paul Frields, Jared Smith) are on the docs project as

I find that I could probably help here as I'm regularly asked to
document things for my work regarding Fedora specific features and
thus could help the Fedora project to improve its documentation as
well in these areas (and others as I can).  I am a linux instructor
(Guru is the title we get when we're hired) at a small company in Utah
called Guru Labs.  We provide training for Red Hat and other companies
throughout the world.  Its quite a fun job, and I get to see much of
the country (and sometimes world).

I am a resident of Utah, which is Mountain Time, though I travel quite
a bit to the East Coast of the US.  I usually try to stay on mountain
time, however so I can do that translation in my head (or because my
computer is always on that time).

Here's my gpg info:

gpg --fingerprint 62A2258E
pub   1024D/62A2258E 2006-07-09
      Key fingerprint = 8C10 443D 7F49 A694 018C  A2DD 7D27 D8A2 62A2 258E
uid                  Clint Savage (It's Guru Time) <clints gurulabs com>
uid                  Clint Savage <clint herlo org>
uid                  Clint Savage <herlo1 gmail com>
uid                  Clint Savage (Utah Open Source) <clint utos org>
sub   2048g/5F818B03 2006-07-09

Hopefully, I can contribute where needed and look forward to working
with you all.  I'm currently working on learning docbook and should be
more comfortable in the near future.



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