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Re: Fedora 9

Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:

Bart Couvreur wrote:
Op maandag 14-01-2008 om 19:51 uur [tijdzone +0900], schreef Marc
Are we going to release information as to what our targets are for a
feature of admin guide and desktop guide?


I'm personally hopeful at us having the DuG ready for F9 should we
pushing it or should we wait?
Good point. We should indeed add AG and DUG info to [1]


there will be IRC meeting (sort of) this Saturday at 6 PM / UTC on
#fedora-docs. At the moment, confirmed attendees are:

1] Bart (couf)
2] Vladimir (vnk_fd)

We want to try to put together a plan to achieve a big goal - publishing
DUG and AG for release of Fedora 9.

If you want to join, please add your nick to the list above.

I am unable to attend due to the time of the meeting.  It is 3AM my time
since I'm in Perth.

I was trying to figure out at least mildly sensible time for most of us but for some reason I assumed (knowing that you will be interested) you are AEST.

Can you suggest some other time that works for Europe, US and you and I'll adapt - since I got old, I have no trouble staying awake :-(





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