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Please update Spanish Fedora Documentation and create central spanish forums!


I'm Marcelo from Uruguay.

The spanish Fedora users needs Updated spanish documentation.

The documentation in spanish is out of date, and we need easy access to the documentation.

When I visit fedoraproject.org the web is in spanish, (great!!) but when i navigate others web sections see are in "English", for example http://docs.fedoraproject.org/ (and every subsections there, including docs, of course)

I think Red Hat is a worldwide linux leader and must give more resources to fedora, the documentation is very important and in fedora is poor.

My English is basic and not good to make spanish translations of the documentation, but Red Hat can paid traductors.

Another reclaim is about the forums...  There is not central spanish forums for fedora, I think fedoraforums.org must create a "spanish section" or create a new forum for centralize all spanish questions and projects, like ubuntuforums loco teams subforums.

Best Regars,
Marcelo Martínez.-

Sorry if you don't understand my bad English but I speak Spanish.-

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