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Re: Introduction

> And me too! :)

Quaid, who could forget about you! :)

> Have you thought about using Fedora documentation as a basis for
> anything Guru Labs does?  We're a pretty good upstream for content, and
> we (try!) to make it easy to re-brand a book.
> This combination of custom spins with re-brandable distro and
> documentation is pretty cool; I don't think any distro has yet made it
> quite this easy for anyone to make their "own" distro spin.
> BTW, howdy to Christer!  Let him know when he is ready to take his
> superior community marketing skills to a new distro, we've always got
> room for him and his enthusiasm in the Fedora Project. :)
> - Karsten

Karsten, I totally agree that Guru Labs (GL) could benefit from much
of what is already out there regarding the Fedora Docs project.  I am
working on learning DocBook so I can better compare it with what GL
currently uses for documentation, which is from what I can tell, a
proprietary [I think] xml based project which has at least some of the
functionality of DocBook.

As far as distro spins, we actually try to stay as close to Fedora as
we can because we generally teach the more enterprise level topics,
RAID, LVM, BIND, Postfix, etc.  Though a GL distro would be rad!

Thanks for the email and I've also CC'd christer on this mail
specifically.  Hopefully he won't mind too much :)



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