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Re: Get Involved Guide

Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
Note:  Subject changed from what must have been a typo. :)

On Sun, 2008-01-20 at 13:39 -0500, Paul W. Frields wrote:

THE PUNCHLINE:  For its size, the Docs Project has done great things
thanks to the energy and generosity of its members.  But in the post-F9
era, we need to get off the treadmill of simple user/admin
documentation, which is duplicated many times over in both the free and
for-pay spheres, and move to goals that are more contributor-oriented.


* We want to keep away from informal, end-user focused content.  As Paul
says, end-user-focused content is very common and hard to compete
against.  That doesn't mean we shouldn't try to produce useful end-user
It simply means that we have to have a reason to exist as a
project outside of just producing yet another set of Fedora how-to docs.

* What we have that is unique is an inside view and understanding of how
to contribute to Fedora.  Sharing this knowledge is potentially much
more valuable than sharing "How to do Foo."

It's funny and educational how things pan out from (or within) healthy projects with unintentionally accurate timing.

I guess the expectations of what is DocsProject supposed to produce are bi-fold. People external to Fedora would mostly expect to find the guidelines for installing and using Fedora distribution.

This type of documentation is finally shaping up as complete and will be in the form that is not too difficult to maintain across release cycles, starting with f9.

We, who chose to do Fedora, on the other hand, are here with entirely different set of expectations. Thanks for reminding us about that and raising the bar.


- Karsten

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