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Re: DUG + AdminGuide release, update

Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
On Sun, 2008-01-20 at 11:03 +1300, Vladimir Kosovac wrote:

1] DUG looks good[1] (GNOME)

[1] - ready for wordsmithing / format fixing

Do you have a target for receiving these edits?

Target was set to beginning of March minus 10 days made up of 5 days edit + 5 days XML conversion. The assumption here is that the content is accurate enough and that it won't need major changes.

However, lot of missing/bad content went into both DUG and AG last week, so I think the target above was conservative. This should give us at least one more week for even major fixes, if required.

Let's put together a draft (strawman) schedule for these guides; John
will put it up against the rest of our schedule[1].

As it looks, the schedule is now probably needed for editors only:

1] Marc [DUG] and I [AG] are doing pretty much all of the writing ATM and have a pretty good handle of what's left

2] there is enough '''edit-ready''' content to start the editing effort now
I can start on both of those this weekend; having a target schedule
helps me prioritize and split the work with other editors.

Anyone who wants to learn more about how we like to edit should watch
those pages.  In the wiki, go to Preferences, at the bottom in the
Watched pages use a regular expression to cover the whole namespace:


Would this track macroed inludes, too? Most sections are actually in Docs/Drafts/AG.

For formatting fixes, we'll look for ways to slam across them with the
powers of Emacs/Vi and the wonders of regexp search and replace. :)
I've seen a few that I've let go in the interest of not breaking the
awesome flow that has been happening.  Easy enough to re-habit for the
next round. :)

The last two sections I've signed off (NTP server and IPtables in the AG) are, I think, better formatting wise than those done earlier. I'd be interested to find out whether this cuts the time spent on edit part and if so, how much.

*betterer than federer*, Vladimir

Once that is done, the conversion to XML will also have a bunch of edits
to the wiki-produced XML.  Watching those commits (on
fedora-docs-commits) is another good learning experience.  Committing
editors are encouraged to be verbose in the comments since we have so
many new and interested eyes around us.

- Karsten

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